"And as things fell apart, nobody paid much attention."

Recent picture taken in Gaza.

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The worst has happened.

At the gym, changing, and realizing I don’t have a sports bra. UGH.

So I guess I’m not running and opting for a walk…..?

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The selfie I didn’t like last night. The coloring sucked since we were under a fluorescent light… But black/white? I like.

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So last night…

I wanted to take a selfie with the boy… And I wasn’t happy with how they came out. So, he said, wait, let me try, and starts playing on his phone. He’s a foot taller than me… And kept the phone out of reach, and then told me not to look, despite my protests that he clearly wasn’t taking a photo. When he’s done…. My phone lights up with a notification.

Boy has tagged you in a relationship. And I could confirm or deny it.

So, we’re official? A little 21st century, but I like it.

Hopping on a plane later to go to Ohio again for 3 days…. I’m planning on all the hotel fitness center time there. I need to run again… It’s been a few days….

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They don’t count if you’re hiking while eating….right? I’ve basically had a million.

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I will eat ALL the carbs for you boy. All of them.

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So, I like this whole thing we’re doing like not being attached to our phones and texting every two seconds, and living our lives separately since we just met but also really enjoying the time we spend together… It’s pretty adult and healthy of us. I’m generally a big fan.

But. This day apart thing we’re doing is harder than it looks. I liked seeing you Thursday night… And late Friday night…cuddling up and falling asleep into Saturday morning… And all day yesterday at the beach.

It’s crazy that time apart and hours without texts can suddenly make you so insecure when yesterday he was throwing you around the waves, putting his arm around you while walking, and cuddling up on the couch after getting home…trying not to move too much because you’re both too sunburned. It was perfect.

But, the last guy is no indicator of what the new guy is gonna do. So I need to stop worrying that he’s going to pick up and go without notice. That’s no way to start something, right?

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It may be the post alcohol dehydration talking…

But I woke up weighing south of 175. I’m officially closer to 170 than I am to 180!

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