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So, sandwich with avocado needed salt or pepper or something, but still super good!


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Back to Business

Stepped on the scale the other day after a weekend of bad eating, and I was up to 177.1 lbs.

2 days of eating better, drinking a bunch of water and going for a run brought that down to 173.7 lbs. So it was all bloat, as expected.

But still, I’m 0.5 up over my lowest weight a few weeks ago.

5K on the 20th, Birthday on the 21st, so I want to be back to rocking it by then. Running a PR and being at a lowest weight would be a great gift to myself.

Wedding in 5.5 weeks. No goal I’m willing to write down here, but so much effort is about to happen.

(Except for the Rutgers/Penn State Game. 12 hours of tailgating planned and I’m not even sorry.)

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The hardest question.

"Do you have any siblings?"

That’s not the hard question. But it tells me that everything is about to be awkward with no way out.

"Yeah, I have a sister."

"Younger or older?"

"Oh she’s a younger, a year and a half."

"And what does she do? Is she still in school?"

That’s the hard one. It’s such an innocuous, light bit of conversation, and I get to drop the bomb that no, she has CP, she isn’t in school, isn’t working, and is low functioning/non verbal.

And it always kills the moment, and I can never find a way out.

Well, I met J’s dad, aunt, uncle and cousin this morning for breakfast. Outside of my least favorite question in the world… It was fun though.

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This morning, I realized as I was running out the door that I hadn’t weighed myself this morning. I could have run back upstairs. I hadn’t eaten or drank anything yet, and was actually running early for work.

But I decided I didn’t care enough. Not because I was avoiding it. In fact I’m fairly sure that I’m down a bit.

But I was in a good mood, dressed in a cute outfit, and was going to have a good day.

Whatever the scale had to say just didn’t matter.

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I am so awkward.

Second time he asks me what I’m up to tonight. Last night I mention I’m free, and this morning when he asks again… I tell him that I have 2 small things to do but I’m pretty flexible and ask what he’s thinking.

Oh. No. He wasn’t thinking anything. He was just making conversation.

Now I get to fumble around and pretend that I didn’t get all into plans tonight that we don’t have.

God I’m awkward. I thought awkward ended once you started dating?

(Also, there is no subtle way to let him know that shark week is over. None. Whatsoever. Not even gonna try. I’m waiting this one out.)

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Sunday Runday! #nikeplus (at D&R Canal)

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The Cycle

Gets up early to run while it’s still chilly out.

Procrastinates, eventually gets dressed. 

Makes coffee and smart ones breakfast sandwich.

Makes new running playlist over coffee because clearly none of my existing music is acceptable.

Thinks to myself… Hmm. it’s definitely warmed up. Maybe it’s too late.. better luck next time.

(Not really, leaving in a few, but I’m dangerously close to this happening)

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Warning: Mushy Love Stuff Ahead

A day of insecurity over dumb stuff, followed by a double date with the BFFL and her new boy. J was kinda quiet, so I wasn’t totally sure what was going on. Just a bit tired I guess.

By the time we get back to the house the weirdness is gone and he wants to show me the game he plays. There was some big pro tournament this weekend and he’d been watching it, and he really enjoys it, so we watched for a half hour while he explained it. Personally.. The game.. eh, but he was so excited and then sad when his team lost.. It was cute.

Then, the plan of putting on a movie was foiled by cuddling, a tickle war and making out. Halfway through he stops everything to comment on how lucky he is and happy to have found me.

I can’t get over how much I want to tell him to be quiet because I’m the lucky one here.

And I am so happy to have found him.

(Now if only we didn’t perpetually have weekend plans. 9/10 times one or both of is is up and out by 8AM. All I want is one lazy Sunday morning in bed. Too much to ask for?)

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Rocked it.

Both times are super personal records for me. I’ll take em!

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