From left to right (and up) Size 12s, Size 10s, Size 8s, and a skirt and pair of pants size 28 from Guess. And at this moment, none of them fit. The 12s and even the 10s were fitting back in 2011. God, it sounds like “Oh, not too long ago, spring senior year,” but it IS 3 years ago. Ughhh I’m getting old.

Certainly not all, but many many pairs of the jeans I have bought over the years. There are jeans from high school I refused to throw out because it felt like I was giving up on ever fitting into them again. Inspiration pants that I never quite reached, etcetc. Some of them have a bit too much chub-rub damage, but I’m determined to fit back into them, even if just put them on, smile, throw them out, and go buy a new pair. 

This doesn’t include the dress pants, dresses, etc that are still tucked away in my closet. But yeah. I can’t wait until that skirt in the top fits and looks good again, I don’t care if it looks like it’s straight out of an episode of The OC circa 2005. I’ll find a time and a place for it. 

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